Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Update May 08, 2007

Dear Sutapa, sania, khadem, touhid and jakia

Thanks for your email. Its wortwhile to talk ASAP.
We are running out of time, and who know how long it takes
to arrange all those as we are living on different corner of the world with diff. time zone.

Recently I, and one of my friend Khademul Islam who is also selected to participate at Lindau, discussed a lot about several issues and found something which needs everybody's attention.


To be honest, according to our communication with the lindau Secretariat, we are now sure that we are getting the financial support for boarding and lodgings at lindau, BUT not any TRAVEL allowances for both air-travel and train and bus.. Our supporting organization like BAS may help, about which Dr. Zafar Iqbal Sir would tell us later, we hope.


As all of we need to issue visa ASAP, so we should better ask the secretarial office (according to website !!) to send us hardcopy of the materails like: which may necessary to issue schengen visa.


1. Invitation/Acceptance Letter2. Registration confirmation letter 3. Hotel/Accomodation reservation letter with its address4. Financial support letter for boarding and lodging in Lindau

email these at : "Elisa Mussack" elisa.mussack@lindau-nobel.de

also need to send your postal address at the bottom of your message.


Me and khadem were discussing about which airport would be closest to travel to lindau, we found , Zurich.

Khadem wrote: Amar mone hoi Zurich air port is close. Karon Zurich hote airport transfer fees sob chaite kom. ( http://www.dialoge.com/Airport_transfers.153.0.html) .


You are sited on the web: www.gnobb.org you can see if you like.

these are so far update from us, if you have any then pls. share..


Lets share the travel itenary ASAP, so that we can arrange the air travel booking which might be necessary to issue visa. I am confused cos, some embassy here in Osaka asking for confirm ticket.. i dont know yet...


if you dont have any problem, then share your phone no too, (in case you thing that might be helpful !!!) we will try to call and then fix other problems too.

Pls. correct if any of these information seems confusing to you.


Home: 0081761520715

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