Friday, July 9, 2010

Science is for all: Lively Female Participation

Science is for all. I witnessed it in Lindau Meeting seeing lively large participation of female researchers. Scientific excellence is scarcely achievable without the potential of highly talented women. It is therefore particularly important to integrate leading female scientists of the future into networks of cutting-edge scientific research at an early stage. The Nobel Laureate Meetings offer a unique platform to this end. It is clearly evident in Lindau Meeting that indicates just how successful women are in the world of science.

Pakistani female young researchers at dinner

This year, 580 young researchers from 67 countries attended the meeting where female participation was 44%. Day by day, the increasing proportion of female participation in such meeting as young researcher shows a ray of hope of women’s foot stepping in the field of natural science and research activities.

Indian Women Researchers with their Traditional Dress!

Female researcher under veil, in the Lecture session

A different experience I gathered there. First time, I faced the Television interview. Five women researchers were called on an Interview on: Women in Science”.

We, five female researchers attended the TV interview of Eurovision from the European Broadcasting Union!

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