Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fattah Sir wrote about Lindau local trip, please read

From: "A.FATTAH" To: "Khademul Islam" Subject: Re: Fw: Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 15:51:57 +0200
Dear Khademul Islam

I happened to see your other mail on cost. Munich though little near, Frankfurt is more convenient. Munich airport it too far from the city. For coming to Lindau you have to change in Munich main station. The cost 320 euro was probably given to you by travel agent in Japan. It is too high even for first class. ( You can find the price in the internet. I know the price from Vienna to Lindau that is about 9 hrs cost less than 150 return).You can buy easily train ticket at the station. The local transport in Lindau and around is provided by a free all time valid bus pass given at the time of registration. If you are staying in the island which is too small and all are in walking distance. But some people are staying around the island. The free pass is given at the time of registration which is on Sunday. From railway station to place of the meeting is at beast 10 min walking. Even you have to buy a weeklong valid transportation pass it is about 8 euro (for safe side you can say 10 euro). It is not my intention to be 'kechi' (in Japanese) but just to give you an idea.

All the best to you and Jakia.


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