Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Expressing yourself for the general readers

Dear Sutopa, Sania, Jakia, Minhaz, Khademul and Touhid,

I have decided to make a news coverage in next Sunday in prothom alo. So help me in this regard by providing the following--

1. Write 2/3/4 sentences regarding your reaction when you first heard that you are among the selected.

2. Write few more on how you looking into this opportunity.

3. Send pictures-- One PP but also picture in your workplace, in the lab or so on. I may make colaz on it.To catch the sunday issue I need all the above by tomorrow.Also furnish me with your contact no, so that I can make a call, if necessary.

Keep contact

from Munir Hasan, Prothom-Alo

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